A Little bit of EVERYTHING!!!

This week I found a few different resources so please excuse my lack of focus and enjoy a little bit of every subject area!

Question starters for kids- get your students speaking and listening to one another

Brain Break conversations!

Kid conversation starters

Math Journals! One thing that has always been a struggle for many of our students is explaining their thinking! We need to give student many opportunities to explain their math thinking. This past week I came across a blog from the Daily Five site!

Math Response Journals!

Students often benefit from writing prompts to help get them started. Here are some examples:

  • I think the answer is ______________ because_____________.
  • A different way to solve this problem is _________________.
  • I don’t understand ________________.
  • The mistakes I most often make are __________ because ________.
  • What I like best is _______________ because _____________.
  • The most important part of solving this problem is to remember ________.
  • What I know about ___________ so far is _______________.
  • I knew my answer was right when _______________.

Apps for Kindergarten and 1st grade! I have not checked all of them out yet so please look at them first. Let me know what you think!

Brain Breaks in the classroom: Move it!

Checks on student learning:

Friday reflection idea. LOVE THIS image only

Great way to end a lesson

Exit slips: Students are assigned a number and write at least one thing they learned and any questions/concerns/confusion. They put their card in their designated pocket and I use as an assessment tool to know what each child specifically needs.


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